Dr. Tim Kelderman graduated in medicine in 2014 at  the Universiteit Gent and specialised in neurology afterwards.  He got his training in the university hospital of Ghent and also worked for a few months in the department of head and facial pain of the Charité hospital in Berlin.

Since january 1st 2020 he works in the GZA hospitals Sint Augustinus and Sint Vincentius.

Dr. Kelderman has special interest in cluster headache, chonic migraine and epilepsy.  He is also (co) author of scientific articles about neuromodulation for cluster headache and about the role of certain peptides in migraine.

Consultation is possible in Dutch, English, French and Italian.

Dr. Tim Kelderman

Dr. Tim Kelderman

General neurology, headache/migraine, epilepsy


GZA hospitals:

for consultations in
(GZA Ziekenhuizen) campus Sint-Augustinus
(GZA Ziekenhuizen) campus Sint-Jozef
(GZA Ziekenhuizen) campus Sint-Vincentius
call 03 443 3607 or via https://login.gza.be.

Private Practice:
Taxanderlei 54
2900 Schoten