TMST or transmural MS team

To improve the care of MS patienst, the TMST is organized in collaboration with the NMSC (national MS center of Melsbroek – near Brussels). This multidisciplinary consultation takes place on Monday afternoon in the Sint-Jozefs hospital in Mortsel (Molenstraat 19  2640 Mortsel). Every patient is seen by the following care givers:

  • The GZA neurologist
  • A physical doctor (GZA)
  • A NMSC nurse
  • A NMSC physiotherapist
  • A NMSC dietrician
  • A NMSC social worker.


Every care giver takes 30 minutes to evaluate and listen tot he patient. So the whole consultation takes 3 houres. Afterwards the patients file and situation are discussed to provide advices or certain care programs in the NMSC.

The cost of this consultation is only 1.80 €.

A few times a year we have a multidisciplinary MS consultation, where you can visit a social worker of the MS-liga

Dr. Debruyne and dr. Verstappen are the MS-experts of the GZA department of neurology.

From june 2021 on, MS patients can take advantage of free psychological care. This service can be applied for by the treating GZA neurologist.