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Welcome at
neurology Antwerp

We are 8 neurologists committed to provide a patient-oriented and quality level neurological care.

Neurology is the medical specialty managing conditions affecting the:

• Brain
• Spine
• Nerve roots (neck and lower back)
• Peripheral nerves in arms and legs
• The muscles
We provide the injection of botulinum toxin to treat movement disorders or chronic migraine
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We consult patients for common neurological conditions such as:

Sometimes it’s necessary to check the cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid can be obtained by a lumbar puncture.
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Neurophysiological measurements provide additional information to  support diagnosis.

  • EEG: Electroencephalography = an electrophysiological monitoring method to record electrical activity of the brain
  • EMG: electromyography = examination of nerve conduction, exploration of nerve and/or muscular damage
  • single fiber emg: while stimulating a nerve, the connected muscle is examined by means of a needle. This test is done by dr. Sanders and detects delays in the tranmission of the nerve signal to the muscle fibers, which can be seen in Myasthenia Gravis.
  • Evoked potentials = functional examination of certain nerve tracts (sensory tract, vision and auditory tract)

All neurologists consult in english


Les neurologues suivants vous acceuillent en français:
Dr. Frederik Debruyne
Dr. Bart Grubben
Dr. Lothar Hauth
Dr. Tim Kelderman
Dr. Raphaël Madou
Dr. Annick Verstappen.


Eine Konsultation auf Deutsch ist möglich bei:
Dr. Bart Grubben
Dr. Lothar Hauth


Una consulta en español es posible con los siguientes médicos::
Dr. Annick Verstappen.
Dr. Katrien Sanders


Una consultazione in italiano è possibile con:
Dr. Tim Kelderman


Konsultacja po Polsku jest możliwa u lekarza:
Dr. Frederik Debruyne